About Us


I am Shanice, the owner of Kensli’s Love LLC, based in Cherry Hill, NJ. Kensli’s Love LLC is dedicated to my daughter Kensli, I always want to protect the love between us by using natural and organic beauty products on her skin. During my time in college, I learned that genetics, the environment, and the products we use on our children’s skin can have an adverse effect on them. When researching products targeted for babies, I saw that some weren't safe or effective. The same products that are used in the most important stages of their lives, was setting them up for failure in adulthood! Chemicals like talc, parabens, and mineral oils being absorbed into their skin, leads to skin dermatitis and reports of cancer. I thought it was important for parents to be aware of the chemicals used in baby products and give them safer choices for caring for their child(ren)'s skin.

We provide our customers with quality products that everyone can use. We believe that everyone deserves quality skin care products. This is why we conduct our research for quality ingredients and formulations. By educating our customers on plant based skin care and fighting animal cruelty, they too can also spread this knowledge to help others become aware of what they are putting on their skin. We can also change the market by not spending with companies who test on animals. By shopping ethical plant based skin care, you are helping to change the world.